P.T Harina Chemicals Industry was founded by the late Mr. Samatha Wiradjita Kalaha.
Mr. Kalaha was born in a town in West Java called Cirebon, on January 5th, 1933 and passed away on September 8th, 1996.
The name "Harina" was created from a combination of two names "Kalaha and Thamrin", taken from the name of Mr. Thamrin Lala, the former business partner of Mr. Kalaha, who was later resigned from the company.

P.T. Harina Chemicals Industry was established on July 18th, 1975 in Jakarta. It is a subsidiary company of P.T. Kalatham Corporation, which was established earlier in late 1960's,
also by Mr. Kalaha. Both companies are in the Kalaha group companies.

The company is fully owned and run by the Kalaha family. Mr. Kalaha was the President Director of the company.
After Mr. Kalaha passed away, his position is taken over by his wife, Mrs. Roosilawaty Lawigena Kalaha.